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Interactive Software

Interactive media is the latest and most effective way to engage your client base

Our extensive experience in designing, developing and maintaining touch interactive surfaces has provided us with a wealth of expertise in touch-based user interface systems. At 360Folio, we understand that interactive media is becoming a pillar of business-consumer relationships in today’s high-tech world.

Touch Technology

Enter the next level of engagement.

Touch screens and touch tables are the next level of engagement that will give your business the innovative edge over competitors.

Media Environments

Create an interactive environment.

Interactive audio-visual environments are the ultimate way to create an atmosphere for your business patrons.

We make the design, planning, and implementation of your audio-visual environment effortless. Our media system gives you the ability to centrally control, customize and update media on unlimited screens in multiple venue locations.

A few Examples

Kiosk Software

DVD/USB Software

Business profiles

Individual Resumes

What do you want to be made interactive?

We specialize in creating media systems that interact specifically with your target audience. We have designed and implemented many creative projects. Let us know how we can help make your interactive media project a reality.

Our Pricing

Contact us to get a quote for a customized interactive software solution for your business.

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