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VR Benefits

Flat images are now a thing of the past

Advances in Digital Photography and Virtual Imaging technology now allow us to create full immersion, Virtual Reality Tours. Our future-proof, High Definition, fully interactive 360° x 180° spherical panoramas allow for a true life-like experience, something 2D photography cannot achieve. The only other option is video, which lacks the interactive aspect. And all this for less than the price of advertising in the press, on TV or on the radio.

What virtual imaging can do for you?

Allow those who live too far to pay you a "virtual" visit
Gain 24/7 worldwide exposure
Save your customers and yourself time
Make your site more exciting, ensuring visitors return
Turn interested customers into paying customers
Save on advertising costs

Who can benefit from Virtual Imaging?

Virtual imaging is the best way of showing your product or facilities, whether you are a hotel, an estate agent, or selling any other product or services. Forget about expensive advertisements in glossy magazines, TV or radio. The Internet has the power to reach a wider range of customers for a wider range of reasons, and interactive advertising is quickly proving to be the most effective tool. See A few facts and figures below for more information.

Virtual Tours can similarly be used by Museums, Charities, Historical Societies or other organisations who wish to increase awareness of preservation projects, historical buildings, etc.

Private customers might want to use Virtual Tours of their property if they are looking to rent or sell it. Or they might want to share a virtual tour of their beautiful house or a special spot with their friends or relatives on the other side of the world! The possibilities are endless... Some examples of customers who would benefit from our services include:

Estate Agents and Property Developers – allow potential clients and investors to view your properties 24/7 through high quality, interactive virtual tours. Interactive floorplans allow the viewer to take a virtual walk through the property; these can be custom designed or created using CAD drawings. Elegant presentation CDs featuring a selection of properties can also be created, which can be mailed to potential buyers.

Hotels, Cruise Ships and Conference Centres – attract potential guests and make sure they choose you over your competitors by adding eye-catching virtual tours of your rooms, reception area, bar & restaurant, leisure facilities, etc. High Definition presentation CDs with your virtual tours can complement your brochures perfectly, which in turn can link directly to your website.

Spas, Gyms and Leisure Centres – attract potential new members or visitors by offering a virtual visit of your facilities from your website. Special areas or equipment can be designed to provide extra information when selected by the viewer.

Commercial Centres and Shops – create a virtual display of your products. These can be made clickable within the virtual images, providing additional information to your buyers thereby a truly virtual shopping experience. A virtual tour of your shopping centre can be created using interactive maps.

Museums, Art Galleries and Exhibition Centres – attract visitors, artists and art dealers by facilitating the planning of visits and exhibitions. Individual paintings or objects could be magnified when clicked on and additional information displayed. High Definition virtual tours can be created on presentation CDs to be sold to visitors in gift shops, or distributed to potential exhibitors.

Schools, Colleges and University Campuses – attract prospective students and their parents by providing guided virtual tours of your campus, lecture rooms, libraries, accommodation, dining and recreation areas, sports facilities etc. These can be integrated into your website or distributed together with your brochures as High Definition presentation CDs.

Theatres and Concert Halls – attract audiences or promote the use of your facilities with event organisers by adding a fully immersive view of your halls and other facilities.

Engineers, Architects and Interior Designers – display your portfolio as an impressive collection virtual images and tours, incorporating where appropriate original CAD drawings and designs to be used as interactive maps and floorplans.

Historical Societies, Monuments and Tourism – increase awareness and provide information to visitors about buildings, places of local interest. Interactive maps and satellite imagery can help locate all the different locations, buildings or scenic spots in order to help promote tourism.

Offices – your office spaces can be captured as virtual images to impress potential clients and reinforce the image of your company.

Law Enforcement & Insurance – crime or accident scenes can be captured in High Definition for forensic purposes or for use in Court rooms.

But it doesn’t finish there. A report in 2006 in the magazine website Clickz.com shows that over 50% of adult Internet users have taken a virtual tour. Since then, the accessibility of broadband has increased the statistic considerably. Virtual imagery owners have seen web statistics increase: one customer, for whom we have provided the front-end of his own virtual images has seen his site statistics increase tenfold in two years.

A few facts and figures

Virtual tours reduce the amount of wasted viewings by 40% (source: Property Week)
If you are unsure whether virtual imaging is right addition to your online advertising campaign, please read the following facts:

The estimated Return on Investment (ROI) for virtual imaging is less than 4 weeks
While only 15% of all hotel bookings are made over the Internet, 65% of all travel bookings are researched online.

Virtual imaging increases on-line bookings by up to 85%
75% of those surveyed, visited 3-4 hotel web sites before making their choice. Unlike most other marketing tools, virtual imaging continues to earn you revenue until you refurbish! The Internet has become the top choice for consumers to investigate travel destinations, whether for business or leisure.

Full virtual imaging will increase your sales!
96.2% of travellers use the Internet as a source of information when planning a trip.

Virtual Tours Get OVER 5 Million Visits a Day.
80% of Internet shoppers say images are imperative when deciding to buy or use a company’s product or services. (2006, Pew Internet & American Life Study)

A compelling use of virtual technology will keep visitors on your site, and will also keep them coming back.
80% of consumers search for information online. That means at least 60% of your marketing dollars should be spent optimizing your company online.

47% said virtual tours were very important to a listing.
“Statistics from realtor.com show that listings with virtual tours get clicked on 40% more than listings without virtual tours.” Susan Barber in the Business Development section of RISMedia’s Real Estate magazine (May 2006)

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